Terra Swarm Concept Art by Justin Randall

Terra Swarm is a sci fi-horror game that takes audiences inside a story, set on a far distant inhospitable planet, the game confronts them with their deepest darkest fears, where they will use their wits, knowledge and intelligence to overcome the physical and psychological challenges required to survive the Terra Swarm.

Terra Swarm Concept Art by Justin Randall

Players control Ryder Fox, a tech assistant working at the Delta Geology Laboratory on Mars in the not-so-distant future.

During an investigation of a mysterious, found artefact, Ryder along with a large section of the laboratory facility is transported to an alien planet inhabited by insectoid creatures.

With only dwindling emergency power and limited resources, the player must explore the remains of the laboratory and surrounding environment for tools and items to help them survive and eventually escape the nightmare they find themselves in.


In development


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