Dreamdeck360 (DD360) is our proprietary VR headset synchronisation and 7.1 audio system. Since we developed it in 2018 we have put over 35,000 people through cinematic 360 experiences.

We developed the DD360 system after we were approached by so many filmmakers who were keen to jump into VR and make immersive cinema and films, but one thing they didn’t have was an exhibition system that made it easy for them to exhibit their work to audiences as a shared experience.

The DD360 system includes all the software, headsets, PC and PA system required to run a mini 360 cinema at your next event, conference or festival. We can even curate and provide content that suits the audience or event. We worked with the West Australian Museum to put over 20,000 visitors through their Antartica Experience exhibit (pictured above). 

You might be an events company looking for an exciting feature to offer your clients or a AV company looking to provide an innovative presentation solution, maybe a film festival looking for a presentation system for 360 content, the DD360 system is a robust and affordable way to provide these services. We’d be more than happy to provide a consultation on how you can best serve your customers in the exciting and popular new VR segment.