Reflections of Iwanoff – The Harrison House

In this exciting project, Reflections of Iwanoff we are bringing the plans and drawings of celebrated WA architect Iwan Iwanoff to life through the medium of virtual reality.

The experience is slated to release September 2021 and has been presented and narrated by renowned architect and architectural historian Stuart Harrison, who currently presents the ABC’s Restoration Australia program.

WA Reflections

WA Reflections presented an exciting opportunity for Frame Labs to bring the State Library of WA archive to life in an innovative way. As a virtual reality producer/director, the Iwan Iwanoff archive stood out to us. Not only does architecture lend itself perfectly to the VR medium, but as admirers of Iwanoff’s work, it presented a fantastic opportunity to experience one of Iwanoff’s designs and bring that experience to a wider audience. Iwanoff’s houses are private dwellings not easily accessible to the public, hence bringing the plans and designs to life through virtual reality seemed like a perfect fit.

“The sympathetic dialogue ‎between art and architecture was the nexus and mainstay of Iwan
Iwanoff’s work, which simultaneously exhibited the range of his vocabulary as articulated by the
juxtapositioning of multiple planes counterpointed by the sophisticated placement of sculptured
surfaces, the affect of which, was a kaleidoscope of light, shade, form and symmetry, the aesthetics
and sensibility of which captured and expressed the sensitivity and authenticity of the prism through
which his creativity manifested itself in a timeless manner”.
– Nicolai Iwanoff 2021